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High temperature grill

  • housing does not heat up
  • grill temperatures from 0°C – app. 750°C possible
  • temperature variably adjustable

Healthy cooking

  • no need to add any fat
  • delicious roast aromas
  • surplus fat drips into the collecting container
tyboon Grill


  • easy operation by touchscreen
  • pre-installed expandable programs
  • various degrees of doneness
  • roasting thermometer with automatic shut-off

Economical to run

  • energy saving infrared technology
  • no preheating required

The tyboon grills frozen as well as fresh food in minutes.

Your new kitchen assistant grills fresh and frozen food simultaneously from both sides in just a few minutes: meat, fish, vegetables, grilled cheese – no need to add fat. Just put the food in the grill, start the appropriate program and the tyboon will do the rest.

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