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Fully automated grilling applications

By using sophisticated technology the tyboon grills with great heat from two sides simultaneously.This causes the meat fibers to contract and a crispy layer closes the surface, thus keeping the juice inside. The dry radiant heat creates taste-intensive flavors, which cannot be achieved by using pans or conventional grills.



Well-thought-out technology – grilling on both sides with intense heat

Easy operation by touchscreen – pre-installed, expandable programs

tyboon Grill

Technical data

Temperature 0°C – approx. 750° C
Light waves technology
Dimensions L 37 x W 30 x H 48 cm
Core temperature sensor with automatic switch off
Electrical connection
Mains voltage 400/230V 3/N/PE
Nominal frequency ~ 50 Hz
Nominal output 6.2 kW
Nominal current 16 A

Why is the tyboon the right choice for you?

The tyboon pays off very quickly:

  • low operating costs
  • no need for unnecessary storing or disposing of perishable foods
  • saves time and personnel and therefore costs
  • grills frozen and fresh food in top quality and in nearly the same time

The tyboon grills frozen as well as fresh food in minutes.