Roasting frozen food in top quality.

The tyboon: grills frozen food in the same quality as fresh food — the juice is preserved inside thanks to a crispy crust immediately closing the surface.

Due to its compact design, the tyboon can easily be integrated into every kitchen and is very versatile, e.g.

… grilling, cooking and roasting sensationally fast without need to add any fat

… easy handling and pre-installed programs guarantee consistent quality, even at times when the kitchen is understaffed

… when the core temperature is reached, the automatic shut-off function and the roasting thermometer ensure the desired doneness

… the pre-installed pyrolysis program facilitates cleaning

Multiple applications — just one appliance

The new addition to your kitchen is a valuable assistant which grills perfectly without need to turn the food.

  • wenn Sie den tyboon zusätzlich zur Pfanne einsetzen möchten und so in Stoßzeiten z. B. 4 Steaks mehr anbieten möchten.
  • wenn Sie die Pfanne durch den tyboon ersetzen und sich ganz auf die Beilagen konzentrieren möchten.
  • wenn Sie nur gelegentlich Fleisch und Fisch anbieten und dennoch Wert auf absolute Qualität und Frische legen.

Grilled meat is roasted by heat radiation, pan-fried steak by heat conduction. Heat is necessary to create a crust and the Maillard reaction. Due to dry, high temperature, a variety of aromas is created — especially roast aromas.

Steakhouses create roast aromas with high grill temperatures of approx. 600 degrees Celsius. This can’t be achieved with lower temperatures.

High temperature causes the meat fibers to contract and thus keeping the juice inside. Best results can be achieved by roasting at high temperatures and gentle cooking afterwards.

When frying in a pan, moisture emerging from the meat forms a water layer between the bottom of the pan and the meat. This means the steak is stewed instead of roasted. Because of the water layer, the heat reaches the steak only partially until the water evaporates. For this reason many people unsuccessfully try to get a perfect steak when using pans.

Of course it’s possible to prepare a good steak in a pan. This depends on the right pan, the quality of the meat, the frying grease and the correct handling.

But even the best cook will not achieve the same results as with a grill.

Humid contact heat – few aromas, due to low temperature.

Dry radiant heat – more aromas, due to high temperature.


Steak, hamburger patties, cordon bleu, lamb, duck breast…


Filets, a whole fish…


Peppers, zucchini, celery…

Grilled cheese, croquettes and even desserts

there are no limits to your creativity.

Whatever your guests desire – you can prepare it in just a few minutes.

The tyboon also offers new possibilities for food designers/bloggers:  get perfect results within a short time without having to train as chef before.

The tyboon grills frozen as well as fresh food in minutes.